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30 Days to Healthy Living

Coached by –

Jennifer Anderson, RDN or Miranda Gruenhaupt, RDN

This program is about resetting!

These 30 days will act as a reset to establishing healthy habits. First, you will work to identify foods and products that may not make you feel great. Arbonne nutrition products serve to support the body’s nutrient needs during this phase. Prior to getting started, you might be experiencing some periods of digestive discomfort, low energy, and generally not feeling your best. As you go through the month, pay attention to how your body is feeling and how your overall sense of wellbeing is changing. These are the signs that your body is starting to return to more normal functioning, and those are the changes you want to be able to note and celebrate!

30 Days to Healthy Living is designed to help each person identify how they can choose to use food as fuel for their bodies to optimize how they look and feel, inside and out. It will help you to identify any foods that you are eating that might not be serving your body well. Our goal is to help you tune in to the messages that your body is sending so that you can eat and drink more intuitively, giving your body the nutrients that it needs to function optimally. The program will also help support a balanced gut. So much of the body’s overall wellbeing is controlled by our gut, so supporting this area of our body will help optimize how we feel as well as how we look. The program is also designed to help us feel more confident in ourselves. When we are rested and working to reduce feelings of stress, then we are better able to care for ourselves. A positive mindset can also impact our confidence because when you feel good physically and mentally, you look good too!

It is important to be aware that while on this plan, some foods and beverages will be limited or avoided. The Arbonne nutrition products paired with the plan help to provide nutrients for health and energy.
At the end of your 30-day reset, you will begin to reintroduce more foods to help support the benefits you have achieved.

When you sign up for the 30 Days to Healthy Living you will receive 40% off Arbonne’s nutrition supplements that will that will serve to fill potential nutritional gaps and replacements for your not so helpful “go-to’s”. You will also be added to a private accountability and support group on the Band app that will provide amazing nutrition education, meal plans, grocery lists, recipes and other tools that will set you up for long term success!

Please view the following guide to find out more about the program:

What the package includes:

  • 2 large bags of Protein Shake Mix (60 servings) – 20 grams of vegan protein, vitamins and minerals, low glycemic; used as meal replacements 1–2x daily**
  • Your choice of (pick 2 of 3):
    • 1 bag Daily Fiber Boost – 12 grams per serving, tasteless, textureless, colorless, soluble fiber from fruits and vegetables, easy on the tummy, helps reduce blood sugar response and helps you feel fuller longer**
    • Body Cleanse – Includes key ingredients for gut health including magnesium, aloe vera, ginger and L-Glutamine**
    • Greens Balance – One scoop provides a full serving of a rainbow of fruits and vegetables; contains prebiotic fiber, powerful nutrients and antioxidants; 36 fruits and vegetables in a powder form with an omega-3 flax seed blend**
  • 2 boxes of Energy Fizz Sticks (60 servings) – B vitamins, antioxidants, green tea extract, Coenzyme Q10, guarana extract, chromium and ginseng for clean energy and no jitters; wonderful soda and sugary coffee drink replacements!**
  • 1 box Digestion Plus (30 servings) – 4 supplements in one; prebiotics, probiotics, 11 digestive enzymes, and calming botanicals**
  • 2 boxes Detox Tea (30 servings) – 7 detoxifying botanicals designed to support your kidneys, liver and intestines in safely and gently aiding these organs in removing accumulated toxins from your body**
  • PLUS Education, coaching through the Facebook page, regular check-ins by phone and/or text with Jennifer or Miranda, recipes, meal plans, grocery list etc
  • For a $29 membership fee you’ll qualify for a 20–40% discount, and free gift and free shipping vouchers off each qualifying order for a full year!

$295.40 ($266.40 for products + $29.00 for membership) – no auto-ship or minimum order requirements, just discounts, free gifts and free shipping!

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