JR Dietetics


Jennifer is not only a truly amazing and gifted dietician but is also a warm, loving and nurturing individual. I have been working with Jennifer for the past 7 months and she has been a big part of helping transform my life. I have not always been the easiest person to work with and know my manipulation tactics all too well. Jennifer can see right through them and gently guides me back to what my goals and truths are. She has an honest desire to see me grow and pushes me beyond what I even thought I was capable of doing. I had specific challenges and she worked tirelessly on my behalf to make a cohesive plan and to oversee that all parts of it come to fruition. No matter how much my ED may get mad at her she still approaches me with love and acceptance. I truly value her services and would highly recommended her to anyone seeking nutritional support.

– H.L

I highly recommend Allison for all your nutrition needs. I have always struggled with my weight and mindset towards food, and because of that I wanted a nutritionist who was multifaceted. I looked for someone who can help heal my relationship with food, adjust my mindset regarding the scale, and help me lose weight. Throughout our journey together Allison has helped me accomplish these goals and so much more. Our consultations are personalized, so that regardless of what’s happening in my life she designs a brilliant plan that feels completely manageable. I have lost weight, have retained muscle with the weight loss, and I have maintained with ease. Allison’s method has been a lifestyle change that I know will serve me for years to come.

– M.O.

I have been seeing Jennifer for around a year and a half, first going to her during the worst part of my eating disorder. Immediately, she was an understanding and empathetic listener, giving me space to talk while diving deeper and providing explanations. Jen helped recommend me to a wonderful treatment facility, and coordinated with my team there throughout the process. She watched my confidence grow and my personality return, and has been the best cheerleader down my path of recovery!! She makes sure that I am as comfortable as possible and informs me why my meal plan needs adjustments. She is caring, knowledgeable, and always makes me feel as though I’m not alone. The level of connection she has with my parents in order to coordinate and help them understand is amazing. I never get tired of her helpful, motivational analogies and I would recommend Jen to anyone who struggles with their relationship with food – she has been an amazing coach and cheerleader!

– Julia M

I have worked with Allison for a year now and have had such a wonderful experience with her. Not only is she a knowledgeable dietician but she is so personable and a pleasure to work with. Her recommendations, testing analysis, and support have been invaluable to my success. I’d highly recommend Allison to all my friends and family!

– Anonymous

I’ve been working with Jennifer for over a year on recovering from roughly 4 years of anorexia. She’s absolutely incredible; not only did she teach me so many wonderful things about nutrition that I use on a daily basis, she worked with me to understand the root of my struggles with body image and overcome them.
When you’re doing well, she’s your biggest hype person, and when you’re struggling/relapsing, she’s so gentle and kind and understanding.
I truly cannot imagine undergoing this journey or making it this far in my recovery with anyone but her on my team. I’d recommend her to ANYONE.

– Kady M

I have been seeing Jennifer for a little over a year now, and I am extremely thankful that I called her! I was at a very low point in my eating disorder, and I didn’t know what next steps to really take. Jen was able to help me navigate my options for treatment, she genuinely listened to my struggles and I felt safe opening up to her. Jen brings her real life experience to be able to empathize, and relate on a more personal level. Not only does she have a caring heart, she is also very knowledgeable in her field of dietetics. She takes the time to explain the “why” for anything she is doing in my meal plan, and she makes sure I feel comfortable. In this year I have worked with Jen, I have grown so much as a person, and I don’t think a lot of my progress would have been possible without her guidance. Her gentle approach in dealing with people, while at the same time pushing them to be the best version of themselves, are the reason I would recommend Jen over and over again!

– Anonymous

It has been such a joy working with Allison! I have been working with her for over 6 months and have gained so much knowledge of how my individual body works. We have done this through a hair-mineral test and through a stool sample. Based on the results from these tests, Allison has helped me develop a plan that’s specific to my body.

What makes Allison different from other nutritionist that I’ve gone to, is the fact that I feel like a person that she cares about, rather than just a number going through the system. She is an incredible listener and has put a number of hours researching my case. She has a true to desire to “get to the root cause” of what’s occurring, rather than just prescribing medication. I am thankful for Allison’s wisdom, empathy, and desire to help me. I would highly recommend anyone to work with her!

– Anonymous

My daughter has been seeing Jennifer for over a year now. Jennifer is an amazing person and professional that I would recommend to anyone seeking nutritional help. She offers amazing insight to what is truly going on with eating issues and does so in such a meaningful way. Initially, I very much struggled to understand the issues, but Jennifer really helped me to see what was going on at the core so that I could truly understand what was going on. Jennifer’s communication is above and beyond which is extremely important as well, especially when as a mother you’re trying to coordinate care. Thank you, Jennifer!

– Tracie Howerter

Hi Allison, I wanted to take a moment and thank you for making a huge difference in our son’s eating habits. He took the things you said to heart and is making the changes.  We appreciate the impact you had on him. You’re very talented at what you do and we are so thankful! Thank you!

– C.J.

13-14 years ago I was an intern at Jennifer at JR Dietetics. She is an amazing, caring, lovely and professional woman/dietician!!
Specialized in eating disorders. I learned a lot from her and I highly recommend her to go to, when you struggle with your relationship towards food.

– Dascha

After working with Allison for several months, I feel much more in control over my health. She is one of only a few health practitioners where I look forward to my visits. I always learn something, have a laugh or two, and genuinely feel ‘seen’. I highly recommend this practice!

– Anonymous

Over the past year I’d been toying with the idea of finally ditching diet culture and learning how to eat intuitively. As a chronic dieter and disordered eater I was scared to let go of societies need for me to change my body and was nervous about the judgement I’d face from someone who eats nutritiously for a living. Finding Jen from JR Dietetics was the best thing I could do. She was kind, empathetic, supportive, and real! Over the past few months she has helped me to get rid of diet culture’s and society’s bullshit teachings about health. She has guided me as I have learned to trust my body and nourish it without restriction and with nutrition. I finally understand how to kindly and with love give my body what it needs and have let go of the pressure to constantly shrink myself. I never thought I could get to this point and am so thankful to Jen for being my supporter on this journey. If you are considering learning how to nourish your body in an educated, anti-diet way Jen at Vibrant Hope Nutrition is the way to go!

– Katie B

Jen is exceptional at listening, asking key questions, and tethering Faith into her professional expertise (if you choose!). She suggests books, podcasts, journal prompts…all kinds of ‘extra’ value added options, should you decide to delve deeper into your nutrition journey.

– Megan I

Jennifer and Tanja with Vibrant Hope Nutrition have been so professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and caring in working with me. They definitely know their stuff, and they take the time to listen, ask questions and LISTEN. They have connected with my Functional Health doctor (they have all talked on the phone!), and for the first time | feel like I have a team of health-care professionals working together to help ME decide what next steps to take, rather than trying to sort through frustratingly conflicting opinions from different specialists. They are both quick to respond to questions between appointments, and it’s easy to find mutual times to meet online or in person. I HIGHLY recommend this team for your health care needs.

– KR